Learn How Securitec is Driving More Accuracy, Efficiency & Cost Savings Into Our Client's Operations


Welcome to the Securitec Video Resource Learning Center.  This library of short video segments will provide CRAs and professional background screening firms with quick and interactive summaries of what makes Securitec such a great partner to drive accuracy and efficiency into your screening operations.

Why Securitec

See how Securitec's systems and technology innovations help our clients drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings into their operations. 


Find out why so many screening firms are turning to Securitec's own Synaptec™ automated court record search application.  Synaptec is quickly becoming the industry standard for instant, accurate, and verified results. Over 3,000+ county court sites, 15 Statewide and all Federal courts via Pacer are available with real-time search and extraction from the authorized source.

Quality Assurance

The largest part of Securitec's staff is tasked with Quality Assurance and Accuracy.  Discover how our "QA" service benefits clients via a compelling example of how a seemingly "small detail" made a HUGE difference.

Check For Priors

See how Securitec's "Check For Priors"  process, that comes with our QA service, ensures that when multiple searches are placed for the same target over a period of time, our clients can be sure they're getting the most thorough, consistent information. 

Supplemental Database

Discover how Securitec uses a supplemental database search to augment our real-time search system and QA process to ensure even more accurate, consistent results for our clients.

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