Real-Time Court Data as a Service (CDaaS)

Real-Time Results from the Source


Synaptec® is a high-performance cloud application for automated real-time search and data extraction from court authorized sources for the most up to date results.  It is available as a stand-alone product or can be bundled with other Securitec services including research staff, court runners, supplemental database search, and QA service. 

Accurate & Flexible Results


Sophisticated multi-pass search patterns and filters are utilized to find records instantly and minimize false positives.  Customized filtering is available for criminal, civil, traffic, domestic and other case types.  Final results are automatically integrated into your data platform. 

Reporting, Analytics & Efficiency


There are over 3,100 different court jurisdictions in the US alone.  Reduce the time, cost, and errors associated with manual data entry.  Synaptec™ can drive accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings into your background screening operations.  Take advantage of Synaptec™ reporting and analytics to help you analyze hit ratios, case/count metrics, trends, and other KPIs. 


Automated Synaptec® Enabled Coverage Areas


*Additional Non-Automated Search Areas Available

Securitec Service Levels
Contact us below for a custom quote to use Synaptec® or other Securitec services. 
Pricing is based jurisdictions, volumes, level of service, hit ratios, and payment terms.

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