Let's start a conversation about your background screening business and how Synaptec® Automation+ and our 100% Wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) solutions can help you drive more accuracy, efficiency and cost savings into your screening operations.

Synaptec®  provides real-time court data directly from the on-line public access systems for the most accurate and up-to-date records available.  It is designed specifically for CRAs, Court Data Furnishers, and other professional background screening firms. ​All public court record types are available including Criminal, Civil, Federal and Traffic.  

Synaptec®  is showing today's CRAs exactly how versatile and powerful an automated court data solution can be and should perform.

  • 3,700+ Automated Court Sites

  • Verified Results  

  • Customized Filtering 

  • Federal PACER Records

  • Cleaner & More Accurate


  • Monitoring

  • OFAC

  • OIC

  • + More

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