Benefit from customizable service levels including:
  Data Only
  Standard QA
  Full FCRA Review

Full Service Court Record Extraction

Our standard and most popular service is full record extraction background screening that includes use of on-line record retrieval service (where available), court house record retrieval, supplemental national records database search,  and quality control services. The full results are formatted in an easy-to-read report or automatically loaded into your data platform. We can also deliver customized reporting per your specification(s).


Quality Control Services

This service is perfect if you use a data provider or database but have limited quality control staff. We can provide a quality control review of your search results to make sure there are no missing records and data is accurate. We will utilize our technology, staff, and standard quality control process to validate or improve your search before you provide it to a client.


Data Only

This service utilizes the same set of real-time, online database, and on-site court record data retrieval, but data is provided in raw format only; with no quality control or report formatting service. This service is popular for clients who already have a large staff of researchers who will perform quality control and record perfection for their client and just need court data in the fastest, most efficient means available.


Hit/Clear Only Service

Our Hit/Clear Only Service provides a very quick response to confirm whether or not the subject has any known record, according to your criteria. This fast and cost-effective service can help you quickly assess your next course of action.


Custom Research Service

We often provide custom research service, filtering, and reporting rules to satisfy your client’s unique request whether the purpose is for employment screening, tenant screening, legal case research, insurance fraud, or other requirements.


Custom Search Filtering & Reporting

We serve hundreds of clients who many times, have special requests in the search filter criteria or report formatting and delivery rules. We have a tracking and delivery system in place to support each of your projects' unique requirements as part of our normal service offering.

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