Securitec Focus on Compliance and Technology Improves Results for CRAs

Industry leader offers new solutions for real-time compliance-focused screening

Roanoke, VA – Oct. 16, 2014 – Securitec Screening Solutions, a 100% wholesale background research intelligence firm, announced today new offerings designed specifically for CRAs for Compliance Support and Real-Time Compliance-Filtered Results. 


The background screening industry is demanding more compliance focused results in real-time and lower costs from optimized process and technology efficiencies.  Securitec has invested millions in staff, technology, controls, and vendor agreements to establish these “2.0 capabilities” for the industry.


“CRAs need support which not only meet the complex demands of FCRA compliance and conflicting State laws but also specific industry screening requirements,” states Jessica James, CEO of Securitec.  “With lawsuits on the rise, CRAs know they cannot rely exclusively on database-only providers or “data dumper-only” solutions.  Database only sources are stale and out of favor.  The data dumper solutions return false positives, miss records, and have no FCRA filtering.  They simply do not offer all jurisdictions, especially the thousands of sources that are not on-line and require a physical visit to the court house to get real-time results.  There is another layer of service, technology, and compliance control required today.” 


Securitec now offers this layer of real-time compliance-focused results for CRAs in a simple price per search model.  There is also a new service available to augment the Compliance team for our CRA clients.


“Having someone to help with compliance issues has been wonderful” states Shane Sanford, Head of Vendor Relations for TruDiligence.


Jessica James sums it up, “Securitec has quietly become one of the largest and most advanced pure wholesale background screening firms in the industry.  Our strategic investments over the past several years are now paying dividends to our clients in terms of the quality, speed, and cost of background research intelligence we provide.”    


About Securitec


Securitec Screening Solutions is wholesale background research intelligence firm that delivers services using state-of-the-art technology, a large staff of US-based researchers, and a proven compliance control program.  Securitec is a trusted industry leader used by some of the largest CRAs and retail screening firms in the industry.  For more information about Securitec Screening solutions, please visit online at or call (540) 725-1571.


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