Securitec Launches Mosaic Pointer Data Services for CRAs

New Data Service Raises the Bar for Accuracy, Efficiency & Automation


Roanoke, VA, July 30, 2019, - Securitec Screening Solutions, the background screening industry’s leading 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider, is launching Mosaic PDS, a National criminal record pointer data service designed for CRAs.


Securitec’s new Mosaic PDS is an automated multi-source service designed to help CRAs improve their efficiency, coverage, and accuracy in identifying potential records for county-level verification.  It is the newest addition to Securitec’s industry redefining CDaaS offerings in the background screening market.  Securitec’s unique CDaaS approach gives CRAs and other data providers exactly what they want via multiple service levels, automation, customization, filtering, county record verification, compliance support, continuous monitoring, and now better pointer data services.   


Clients and partners can choose from any combination of service options:

  • Instant National (Multi-State) Criminal Database 

  • Real-time Statewide Criminal Scan

  • Real-time National Federal Scan

The Instant National Criminal Database includes address history trace, known-alias search, multi-state criminal records, national sex offender records, and terrorist watch list records.  It contains over 750 million criminal records from 3,400 sources.  


The Statewide Criminal Scan includes up to 25 Synaptec™ enabled  statewide repositories for one price.  Automation searches the court systems in real-time to identify potential cases, optimize clear processing, and dramatically improve pointer data quality.      


The National Federal Scan utilizes our Synaptec™ enabled search of the federal Pacer system.  The scan of all federal districts is executed in real-time to identify potential federal cases and clears both accurately and efficiently.

“Higher quality pointer data from multiple sources is the foundation to a more accurate and efficient verification and compliance process for CRAs,” said Jessica James, President & CEO of Securitec Screening.  “With Mosaic PDS, we are combining the best possible pointer data coverage and quality in new and creative ways, powering it with our Synaptec™ automation, and rolling it into our other core offerings. We want CRAs to get exactly what they need from Securitec to help them succeed.  We are making it easier for clients to benefit from new efficiencies and data services.  This combination of services makes Mosaic PDS unlike anything currently in the marketplace.”


“We are making this available now to give clients and partners more choice as they seek to optimize their business,” said Chad Lafon, Securitec’s Vice President of Sales and Business Development.  “We think Mosaic PDS will help CRAs, data providers, and platform providers grow their respective businesses and help the industry realize better efficiency and quality.”


About Securitec

Securitec is a 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider that offers powerful and cost-effective services and technology to the background screening industry that drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.  For more information about Securitec visit



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