Securitec Expands to Support Increased Demands of the Background Screening Industry


Roanoke, VA – Mar. 27, 2014 – Securitec Screening Solutions, a 100% wholesale background research intelligence firm, announced today a strategic expansion in support of changing demands in the background screening industry. Securitec names new female CEO, moves to new 10,000 sq. ft headquarters, and announces new service and technology offerings as part of the expansion.


Jessica James, industry veteran and Roanoke College alum, has been named CEO of Securitec Screening Solutions. This change of ownership qualifies Securitec as a woman owned business. This transition occurs as Securitec is expanding to support significant growth due to its investments in staff, quality control measures, and technology automation. Background screening customers have become more discerning, and Securitec is well-positioned to support these changing demands.


“There is now intense scrutiny on the accuracy of results including the source, process, and credentials used by firms performing criminal background checks and related services,” said Jessica James, CEO of Securitec. “Commercial databases alone are not sufficient and lack up-to-date information. Use of real-time court record search technology is critical, but many jurisdictions are not on-line. Utilizing experienced researchers is a must, and in some jurisdictions, a licensed private investigator is required in order to be compliant with state and federal guidelines. Securitec has always provided these services, but we are expanding them even further. We have expanded our staff, established a dedicated technology division, and are developing on-line court search technology software. Securitec is now a one-stop shop of people, process, and technology designed specifically for the background screening industry; our clients view us as a trusted strategic resource.”


In support of this expansion, Securitec has also launched a new website at that outlines the services and technology available for criminal, civil, federal, and international background checks. There is now a free trial available for new clients wishing to evaluate speed, quality, and cost. 


About Securitec


Securitec Screening Solutions is a 100% wholesale background screening firm that delivers research intelligence and screening services using state-of-the-art technology, a large staff of US based researchers, and a proven quality control program. Securitec is a trusted industry leader used by some of the largest retail screening firms in the industry.





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