Securitec Debuts New Starter Monitoring Package for CRAs

Comprehensive High-Quality Sources with Free Pilot Program and Low Cost Helps Industry 


Roanoke, VA, January 9, 2020 -  Securitec Screening, pioneer of the 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) approach,  has launched a “starter monitoring package” that provides CRAs with a comprehensive product at a low price to help them drive new services and revenue expansion.  


Monitoring is an important trend and function in the background screening industry due to the increased accountability of organizations to protect their clients, employees, investors, volunteers, and contractors from risks associated with criminal activity.  The days of a one-time pre-hiring criminal background screen of W-2 employees only are limited.  Organizations are moving to ongoing criminal record screening of all constituents associated with their brand and operations.  Better technology, data, and products now exist that enable this to be accomplished at a reasonable cost.  Securitec has formulated a ‘starter monitoring’ package to help CRAs tap into these new opportunities with their clients and prospects.   


“Some of the monitoring solutions in the market are limited to only arrest record or national record database sources,” states Jessica James, President of Securitec.  “These sources provide a partial solution but alone do not paint the highest quality picture for monitoring.   Arrest records are a good leading risk indicator but have coverage gaps and do not include the actual criminal records that matter the most.  And not all criminal cases start with an arrest or jail record.   National criminal record database products provide good historical criminal records but also have known coverage gaps and are not updated on a frequent basis.”    


“Most arrest record and criminal record database products do not even include Federal records which identify critical offense types employers need to know about including fraud, hijacking, robbery, kidnapping, hate crimes, and more,” adds Chad Lafon, Vice President Securitec.  “There are also many online public statewide criminal record systems that have the latest criminal records we can monitor in real-time that are not available in arrest record or database only sources.   We have now combined all of the above into a robust starter package that CRAs can offer their clients to give them the best possible nationwide risk monitoring in today’s marketplace for the lowest monthly cost.”


A summary of the starter package offering is below.     


Sources Included

  1. Nationwide Arrest Record Database (updated in near real-time)

  2. Instant Multi-State Criminal Record Database

  3. Real-Time National Federal Criminal Record Search on PACER

  4. Real-Time Search of the Top 20 On-line Statewide Criminal Record Systems

  5. Real-Time Search of official National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW)



The scope of this starter package is monthly monitoring with a 30-day lookback period based on file date, returning only new records found. Monitoring of arrest and database products is performed continuously where available and will report hits in near-real time as the database is updated.  Other real-time criminal records sources are monitored and reported monthly.   


Integration with Your CRA Platform

This package can be utilized stand-alone via secure name upload to the Securitec portal or integrated with your CRA platform of choice if your provider supports integration.   Securitec is actively working with CRA platform providers to make this new product available via direct integration.   


Free Pilot Program

Securitec is offering a limited number of free pilot programs to CRAs that in turn offer this pilot to their clients.   The pilot enables CRAs to collaborate with their clients on a monitoring project for a limited number of names over 2-3 processing runs at no cost to validate results and justify the value.         



Contact your Account Manager to set up the pilot program and obtain a production price quote for your client.  Other custom monitoring packages are available.   


Record Verification for Monitoring Hits Found

CRAs have the option to verify any hits found internally or have them assigned to Securitec for further verification.   Record research and verification services are provided separately.    


About Securitec

Securitec is a 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider that offers powerful and cost-effective services and technology to the background screening industry that drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.  This includes a nationwide team of research staff and its award winning Synaptec™ Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) platform. 

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