Securitec Launches Integrated Continuous Monitoring Service for CRAs & Risk Alerting Firms


Roanoke, VA January 24, 2019-  Securitec Screening Solutions, the background screening industry’s leading 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider, is launching an integrated suite of Continuous Monitoring (CM) services designed specifically for CRAs and Risk Alerting firms.   


The demand for CM as part of post-employment or risk screening is not new.  Corporate and government initiatives to identify threats and protect their interests are on the rise.  Securitec is changing the solution landscape available to its clients and partners now seeking to deliver CM services.


In the past, CM solutions have been limited to Arrest Data or National Criminal Database scans as record pointers only.  Arrest records are good for leading indicators but do not provide adjudicated case information.  Criminal databases provide good historical court records but are out of date.  The cost to monitor current court records was thought to be too expensive and time consuming.  Additionally, some 3rd-party CRA platforms either do not offer comprehensive monitoring or charge additional fees.    


The Securitec CM solution is the newest service level available from its CDaaS offering.  It is a highly-configurable menu of data services powered by the Synaptec™  automated court data platform, expansive staff of court researchers and runners, new data partnerships, robotic processing automation, and integration. Securitec CM combines the most effective use of population management, scheduling, real-time court cases, and integration with arrest record results and historical records.  This enables intelligent monitoring and the solution can be integrated with existing CRA platforms or utilized stand-alone. Securitec CM is configured per client need and offers low cost and special pricing models that will help the industry. 


“There is no one-size fits all solution for CM but so much more is possible today,” states Jessica James, CEO of Securitec.  “Accurate up-to-date court records are the most valuable component in the modern CM solution, and this is Securitec’s specialty.  We have automated almost every possible county, statewide, and federal criminal record system in the US and conduct court research in every county on a large scale.  Our success delivering custom data services make us a strong CM provider.  Our clients are taking advantage of this to win new market opportunities and create high value products for their specific markets. We are excited to help them deliver CM solutions that are surgical, accurate, and cost-efficient.”


The Securitec CM service options can include:  


  • Population Management & Scheduling 

  • Automated & On-Site Court Records (Choose Coverage Area)

  • Integration with Arrest Records & National Criminal Index

  • NSOPW Scan (National Sex Offender Registry)

  • Auto-Trigger Case Monitoring (specific case and timeframe) 

  • Flexible Lookback and Scope Definition

  • Record/Case Verification on Demand

  • Automated Integration & Workflow

  • Metric Collection and Reporting


Securitec clients and partners are invited to learn more on the website or schedule a presentation with their Account Manager.  


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Securitec is 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider that offers powerful and cost-effective services and technology to the background screening industry that drive accuracy, efficiency and cost savings.  For more information about Securitec visit



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