Securitec Launches Interlink for Automated CRA Data Platform Integration

Automated and customized data integration for Securitec Clients



Roanoke, VA and Raleigh, NC, December 7, 2017 -  Securitec Screening Solutions, the background screening industry’s leading 100% wholesale Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) provider, is pleased to announce the launch of Interlink for automated data platform integration with its clients and partners.


InterLink is a cloud-based data integration solution designed specifically for CRAs and professional background screening firms.  It provides automation of order and result delivery between disparate background screening data platforms.  Interlink is built on the Securitec Synaptec™ platform and leverages the latest industry standards including XML, Webservices, and RPA (Robotic Processing Automation).  Securitec’s Interlink product and custom data integration services are provided at no cost to clients.  


“Automated integration with their court data provider gives CRAs maximum processing efficiency, the lowest possible TAT, and the highest possible quality,” says Chad Lafon, VP Sales & Business Development for Securitec. 


“Some CRAs face growth challenges in this area.  Their data platform may have integration capabilities but there is a cost to purchase the API or hire programmers.  Additionally, the API provided by their vendor does not allow for customization.  Some larger CRAs have developed their own proprietary data platform so their smaller vendors cannot integrate.  In some cases, industry consolidation is leaving CRAs with multiple data platforms to support.” 


Chad Lafon adds, “The benefit of Securitec’s Interlink software and integration team is that it is easy for our clients to enjoy the benefits of automated vendor integration without the related software development and support investment.  Clients are free to have multiple platforms or switch platforms as they need and still maintain automated integration with Securitec.   There is no limit to the level of custom integration and data workflow we can provide so our clients can scale and expand their business.”


InterLink is the latest addition to Securitec’s Court Data as a Service (CDaaS) offering that includes the use of Synaptec™, in-house and on-site court research, formalized quality control, and multiple levels of service.  “Integrationless Integration” is now possible with InterLink from Securitec.


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