ID Verification Services


It is well known in the industry that there are some jurisdictions that make it difficult to verify DOBs and Identifiers.  The on-line court systems and on-site Public Access Terminals (PATs) redact key identifiers and sometimes even case details.  Our recent experience shows court clerks refusing to verify IDs over the phone or fax as was custom in the past.    Mailing in for results is costly and time consuming.  


In these more difficult jurisdictions (ex. AZ, VA, MO, SC, others), the most efficient way to obtain full identifiers and verify accurate results is to go on-site to the court house and obtain case copies.  


We always confirm IDs as part of our standard service where readily available, however these more difficult areas do cost a little more to complete the process.  We offer a special ID Verification Service option for these difficult areas.  We can perform this service on-demand only for records where requested or it can be built into your base price.  

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