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Q. What is Synaptec™?
A.  Synaptec™ is Securitec’s automated court record search and extraction application.  We use it internally in support of our background intelligence services.  We offer Synaptec as a “data-only” service option for our CRA and wholesale clients who want a better alternative to other automated products or database solutions. 
Q. How does Synaptec™ differ from other automated products?
A.  Synaptec™ was built from the ground up by an experienced team that conducts background research on a very large scale.  We use it and enhance it daily.  As screening professionals, we know what CRAs require.  We support custom search and reporting parameters.   Our results are structured in a highly-readable format.  We also support more sites (3500+ and growing).  Other automated product vendors are not screening firms or utilize third-party products.
Q. Why would I use Synaptec™ instead of just having staff go-on-line to the court system manually?
A.  In many cases these court systems charge fees which can be expensive.  As a large scale wholesaler, Securitec has already invested in the highest-volume discount subscriptions so those savings are passed on to clients.  The other reason is simply one of time and accuracy.  Human labor is expensive, time-consuming and error-prone.  Most CRAs have more critical issues to face with FCRA compliance.  If your firm is processing in a large scale, then automation with Synaptec™ is a proven method to improve TAT, accuracy, cost savings and efficiency.   
Q. How is Synaptec™ priced?
A.  Synaptec™ is priced on a name per-search basis.  Alias names ordered count as a normal search.  In some cases, court fees are added for pay sites.  Pricing is driven by volume, search type and level of service.   Discounts are available based on aggregate monthly search volume.  Search types include County, Statewide and Federal. 
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Q. How do the different levels of service work?
A.  CDaaS levels of service include Synaptec™ Data Only, Standard QA,  FCRA, and Custom.  Synaptec™ is our automated court record retrieval software product and can be used stand alone for data only.   Our QA service removes false positives, looks for missed records and verifies information to further improve the results. We also provide on-site court runner service if you require additional documents or identifiers for records that are not on-line.   
Q. Can I mix levels of service to get “data-only” for some jurisdictions and full QA service on others?  
A.  Yes.  The benefit of using Synaptec™ and Securitec is that we are a full service wholesale screening firm with 100 researchers so you can mix and match your level of service.  You can order “data-only” for some sites, full QA service for others, and on-site court runner service for courts that are not on-line.   We are a one-stop shop for CRAs and other wholesalers.
Q. Does Synaptec™ support custom search filtering?
A. Yes.  We have the ability to configure custom search parameters and have different filtering for each client.  This might include additional case types or scope restrictions. There is no additional cost for us to configure custom search filtering.  
Q. How accurate are the Synaptec™ Data-Only results?
A.  We have used every automated product on the market as have our experienced clients.  Automated data results are not always perfect, however clients consistently rave about the accuracy and readability of Synaptec™ results.   Our multi-pass parsing algorithms and highly structured results rarely miss records and minimize false positives.  We deliver the cleanest and most readable results in the industry. 
Q. Is Synaptec™ a database solution?
A. No.  Synaptec™ is a 100% real-time application searching the online court system as soon as your order is placed.   Synaptec is pulling the most recent information that is available from the court authorized on-line system.   We do provide a supplementary database search with our QA service, but we never rely on a database as our only source.
Q. Why does Synaptec™ always seem to be working when other products go off-line?
A.  Synaptec™ is highly-available because Securitec is a large-scale wholesale screening firm while most of the other products are not.   This means we are constantly using Synaptec and court sites at all times so we can monitor better.  Our development team is integrated with our research team so there is instant communication to support changes.  Synaptec™ has automated notifications and alerts when court sites go down or searches go pending.  Synaptec™ is very modular so we can apply changes in a rapid, proactive fashion.      
Q. How does Synaptec™ handle common names?
A.  Synaptec™ automatically maintains a common name list for problem sites.  It performs multiple passes with partial and full name match in addition to matching on all possible identifiers provided in the search and available on the court site.  Synaptec will automatically request additional identifiers if the search is lacking them in order narrow the result.   
Q. What additional identifiers or court documents are available?
A.  Synaptec™ is an automated service that pulls all possible information and identifiers that are available on the court’s on-line system based on the search parameters provided.  In some cases, on-line court systems do not provide all possible identifiers.  If you require more information than is available from the on-line source, Securitec offers a separate on-site court runner service to collect that information.  Additional court fees may apply for those documents. 
Q. Most jurisdictions say criminal and traffic only.  Are those pulled together at the same time, or do you have to pull them separately as different search orders?
A.  When an order is placed via Synaptec™, it searches all possible on-line court systems including upper, lower and criminal traffic offenses.  We can include (or exclude) other case types upon request, but the search is typically all part of a single order and pulled at the same time.  
Q. Is using Synaptec™ equivalent to physically going to the court house with a court runner?
A.  No.  Synaptec™ is an automated service extracting all possible information about the subject in real-time that is available from the online public court system.   Some courts do not provide all possible identifiers or historical court documents.  We do provide additional on-site court runner services as required.  Additional costs may be incurred for court-runner service.  
Q. What is the technology architecture?
A.  Synaptec™ is a cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) application.  It has been organically developed by Securitec using modern Java and web automation technologies to provide a modular cloud service that affords flexible data acquisition and rapid deployment. 
Q. Is Synaptec™ secure?  
A.  Yes.  Synaptec™ runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure.   The AWS cloud infrastructure is SSAE 16 SOC compliant and the most secure public cloud application infrastructure on the market.   Synaptec is natively integrated with Digital Delve.  Digital Delve is our primary data platform and the leading wholesale screening platform on the market.  Digital Delve is integrated with the leading CRA data platforms on the market.  Digital Delve is also hosted on SSAE16 SOC compliant data center.  We can provide these security compliance reports upon request. 

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