County or Statewide Criminal Records Search

These highly effective searches are done on-site in county courthouses around the nation. County searches are performed where the records actually originate; therefore, the information is the most current available on the market. Our professional researchers are highly skilled to not only retrieve records from these original repositories, but also uncover other possible records with similar criteria that could be missed by some other company's untrained courier.

County or Statewide Civil Records Search

Whenever an individual or corporation files suit against another individual or corporation, we can let you know about it; including divorce cases, civil rights violations, product liability lawsuits, judgments of any type, non-payment for goods or services, and more. We can locate cases like these in federal, state or county courts. Records are normally searched for the past seven years unless otherwise specified.

Tenant Screening

As the demand for rental housing has grown, the need to perform a complete criminal background check on prospective tenants has also increased to limit risk and cost exposure to landlords.

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