Securitec Launches Synaptec for Real-Time Court Record Extraction

Synaptec™ delivers improved quality, efficiency, and cost savings to CRAs

Roanoke, VA – April 9, 2015 – Securitec Screening Solutions, a leading wholesale background research intelligence firm, today announced the launch of Synaptec™, a real-time court record search and extraction platform.  This new cloud-based software is available as a stand-alone product or can be bundled with Securitec’s core services.  Synaptec was organically developed over the last two years by Securitec’s Technology Division, specifically for the discerning needs of professional background screening firms. 

Synaptec™ is a high-performance cloud application for real-time search and data extraction from court authorized sources for the most up to date results.  It uses sophisticated search patterns and filtering that can be customized.  The results are automatically integrated into client data platforms.  Flexible use models are available for criminal, civil, traffic, and other case types that are available in local, county, state, or federal jurisdictions.  Synaptec™ also provides advanced reporting to help clients analyze hit ratios, search case metrics, and other key performance indicators.


Synaptec™ is currently available for approximately 2,000 courts with new libraries continuously added and updated.  Synaptec can also be configured to support additional market needs such as applicant monitoring, legal research, private investigation, and insurance.  The Synaptec™ brand is part of Securitec. The firing synapse and shield represent the speed and protection clients receive, assuring them that they are getting the most recent and reliable results possible. 


“Our clients have been asking us to build a product like this for years,” states Jessica James, President of Securitec.  “We listened to their needs and applied our best practices, capital, and technology division to the effort.  As a large scale wholesale screening firm, we know the demands of CRAs as a practitioner and expert user of screening software.  Battle tested and proven to support high volumes, Synaptec has been in successful use with our clients for six months.  The results have been stellar; so we are making it available to the industry.”


Securitec offers a unique and compelling suite of products and services to better serve its clients.  This includes a 100+ person research staff, a large network of court runners, a national records database for supplemental searches, and, now, Synaptec™ for real-time search and data extraction.  These offerings can be bundled in various, client-focused combinations or used a la carte.  Synaptec™ provides screening firms a way to improve quality, process efficiency, and cost control.  Even if a client already has their own research staff or database, Synaptec™ can provide them with the latest real-time results directly from the court source.

“The combination of Securitec and Synaptec™ is the premium service alternative,” adds James.  “Other products do not have the ability to support FCRA compliance or dynamic filtering and reporting demands.   In most cases, the data needs to be cleaned up.  What makes our premium service different is that for one cost per search, clients get the use of our new Synaptec™ product, our supplemental database search, our research staff, and our quality assurance service.  The result is a fast accurate report delivered in a turnkey fashion.”


About Securitec

Securitec Screening Solutions is 100% wholesale background research intelligence firm that provides a large staff of US-based researchers, automated search technology, and a proven compliance control program.  Securitec is a trusted industry leader used by some of the largest CRAs and professional screening firms in the industry.  For more information about Securitec Screening solutions, visit or call (540) 725-1571.


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